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Americans as the 101st member of ISA.

The US on Wednesday became the 101st member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), an inter-governmental organization formed by India and France to boost up the global adoption of solar power. The US special envoy for climate, John Kerry, announced at the COP26 in Glasgow that America has joined the ISA as a member country after signing the framework agreement. “It has long been coming and we’re happy to join the International Solar Alliance, which Prime Minister Narendra Modi took the lead in making.

We worked out the details and this is a system we are pleased to be a part of. This will be an important contribution to the more rapid deployment of solar globally,” Kerry said. Union environment minister Bhupender Yadav welcomed Americans as the 101st member of ISA. “This move will strengthen the ISA and propel future action on providing an easy source of energy to the world,” he said. The ISA’s framework, which was first circulated in 2016 to attain backing from other countries, emphasizes delivering local benefits to all countries through collaborations.

The ISA’s key interventions focus on enabling activities, risk mitigation, and innovative financing instruments to facilitate the deployment of solar technologies. ISA is building a solar project pipeline of nearly five GW installed capacity that allows you to achieve a vision of interconnected global grids, which was jointly launched as the “Green Grids Initiative – One Sun One World One Grid” during the world leaders’ summit of COP26 in Glasgow on November 2 by the United Kingdom and Earlier at COP26, America joined the steering committee of the “One Sun One World One Grid” initiative that consists of Australia, France, the United Kingdom, and India.

ISA director well-known Ajay Mathur described the US endorsement of ISA’s framework as a heartening development that demonstrates that nations around the world are recognizing the economic and climate mitigating value of solar power. “We hope remaining countries and economies will follow suit, and align with us to achieve swift, affordable, and effective climate action, while also achieving their respective economic growth and long-term development priorities,” Mathur said.

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The release of ISA was announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and then French president Francois Hollande on November 30, 2015, at COP21 in Paris. ISA has an international mandate to catalyze solar growth by assisting reduce the cost of financing and technology. It helps large countries scale global commitments while assisting economically prone nations to establish a self-sustaining energy alternative that reduces trade dependency and drives job creation.

Source- CTV News

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