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China restricts kids’ clothing company due to Covid-19

Now that COVID-19 is back in China, the country has been taking extreme measures to prevent the rampant spread of the virus. This comes at a time when China will host its biggest annual online shopping competition.
In a recent strange COVID outbreak, a Chinese cloth mill that caters to children has been found at the helm. This news comes from northeastern province where authorities are calling it a “Covid-related mail chain.” Beijing closes down mall, many housing compounds amid fresh Covid flare-up.

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Authorities over 1,200 miles away ordered people who had received or maybe simply handled packages from the company to get tested. they have tested 300 packages of clothing from the cloth maker and have halted parcel-delivery services from it in 2 cities, Xinji and Jinzhou as well as the city of Shenze.

All the tests came back negative.

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Taking a step more, China has been inspecting product like foreign frozen foods for the virus, despite international health bodies downplaying the risk of transmission on packaging and other surfaces. Chinese authorities said parcels from overseas or risky domestic locations should be sanitized. Even when receiving goods from areas deemed of low Covid risk, recipients are inspired to wear masks and gloves when picking up and unpacking deliveries.

Source-CTV News

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