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Freshii has been chastised in Nicaragua for paying workers $3.75 per hour

Freshii is being chastised in Nicaragua for paying $3.75 per hour to its employees.

Key Takeaways:

  • Freshii has been scolded for paying $3.75 per hour to Nicaraguans to operate as virtual cashiers.
  • Similar techniques, he claims, are already being used by other companies in Canada and the United States.

Freshii has been chastised for hiring Nicaraguans to work as virtual cashiers for $3.75 per hour.

According to The Toronto Star, the restaurant company replaced some of its in-store cashiers in Ontario with workers from Central America who process the cash through a video link. According to reports, some of these employees are paid less than the cost of the food chain’s dishes.

On Wednesday, employment lawyer John Pinkus told CTV News Channel, “This is another example of the law potentially not keeping up with technology.”

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The Canadian Labour Congress, for example, has slammed the action, calling it “disgusting.”

Pinkus argues the move is lawful, comparing it to how out-of-country contact centers handle customer service problems for companies established in Canada.

However, he claims that the action appears to violate provincial regulations.

“If firms can get out of [provincial employment regulations] by simply saying, ‘we’re going to a nation where the salary is lower,’ and that takes jobs away from people here,” Pinkus said, “then that could raise an ethical issue.”

Freshii is being chastised in Nicaragua for paying $3.75 per hour to its employees.
Freshii is being chastised in Nicaragua for paying $3.75 per hour to its employees. Image from Flipboard

“On the other hand, I’m sure the businesses would claim that these are jobs that we couldn’t fill in Ontario and that it’s simply a labor market issue.”

According to him, similar strategies are already being employed by other corporations in Canada and the United States, including the American restaurant company Jack in the Box, which outsources its take-out orders to employees in other countries.

Pinkus did point out that the Ontario Employment Standards Act has recently been amended to address concerns about working from home and telecommuting and that “maybe some more reforms may be on the way to deal with this” in light of the Freshii disclosures.

Source: CTV News

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