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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver have once again smashed records

The Metro Vancouver gas price record has been smashed yet again.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Friday, gas prices in Metro Vancouver climbed to a new high of 216.9 cents a liter, topping the previous high of 214.9 cents set in March.
  • Summer driving season has begun, according to experts, which means refineries will charge a premium for manufacturing gasoline.
  • Customers will pay more for nearly everything, according to the B.C., as the cost of carrying goods rises. Association of Trucking.

For drivers in British Columbia, the pain at the pump is just getting worse.

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver hit a new high on Friday, climbing to 216.9 cents per liter, surpassing the previous high of 214.9 cents recorded in March.

Kimberly Lindsey, filling up her car in Langley, remarked, “It’s insane.”

“I can’t image how people feel if they have to commute downtown Vancouver or work long hours.” I’m not sure how folks manage it.”

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As per Gas Wizard, a Canadian gas-price prediction website, Metro Vancouver has the highest prices in the country, albeit Victoria is only a few cents behind.

As he pumped gas, Eric Warkentin remarked, “I just watch every time I drive anywhere I go the shortage distance, and there’s no question gas prices are out of hand.”

Susan Niver, the driver, stated she uses as little gas as possible.

“It’s a disaster. I feel bad for the younger generation since they have so much debt.”

Experts and B.C.’s government have mostly blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine for the price rises that have been noticed around the world.

In addition, rising oil prices and persistent supply concerns are factors.

In April, the province of British Columbia increased its carbon price to 11 cents.

Experts say the summer driving season has begun, which means refineries will charge a premium for producing gasoline.

The Metro Vancouver gas price record has been smashed yet again.
The Metro Vancouver gas price record has been smashed yet again. Image from West Observer

Premier John Horgan promised a $110 rebate to most ICBC customers in March to alleviate the situation.

The Opposition Liberals slammed the decision as “too little, too late.”

“We all know the situation in Ukraine has affected prices,” B.C. Liberal finance critic Peter Milobar said.

“However, when we see our neighboring jurisdictions selling gasoline for 50, 60, or 70 cents a liter less than we do, there’s certainly British Columbia government policy and taxation at work tipping the scales so severely against people’s wallets,” he added.

According to the B.C, as the cost of moving goods grows, customers will pay more for practically everything. Trucking Association.

“When you leave that grocery shop, you’ll see those incremental price rises again,” she says, “The association’s president, Dave Earle, noted.

“Five cents here, ten cents there, and your bill suddenly appears to be larger than last week or last month.”

Those who have opted for direct deposit will receive their ICBC rebates this month.

Source: CTV News

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