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Meet the influential and enthusiastic Dave Panozzo who leaves no stone unturned to emerge as an extremely successful agent in the real estate industry

Dave is an inspiration to today’s young entrepreneurs who strives to follow their passion in the business world.

True leaders will always rule, and Dave has expressed his sincere and motivating vision over the past four years as a power player in the real estate industry and as a leader in the National, Arizona and Scottsdale Association of Realtors. He hails from Gary, Indiana, and initially joined the U.S. Army and spent more than two of his three years of service in Germany. His journey is a very fascinating one. After leaving service in 1991, he and his wife lived in Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois, before moving to Scottsdale in November of 1994. He began his sales career in the automotive industry, where he was a Sales Manager for 13 years. He owned and sold over 40 houses with a construction company. While he had experienced many failures in his life, he managed to set out to pursue a number of careers and projects with massive encouragement from his wife and family. In the midst of all these setbacks, he realised something he was doing well, which was real estate. In 2016, he received his real estate licence. Since then, his career has taken off in the right direction in the industry.

Today, with his wife and business partner, Dave is an accomplished real estate agent who dominates the Scottsdale and Arizona market. He is the CEO of a real estate team in Phoenix, called The Panozzo Team-HomeSmart. When asked about his business model, he replied, “We are a team of Real Estate agents who work for our brokerage Homesmart. We proudly serve our target market which is the Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona areas and are known for doing things differently, my wife Kim and I are focused on bringing out the best in each individual in our team to improve their sales career and personal lives through personal development and business coaching weekly.” Dave and his team are all set to smash 2021 with success. In March or April 2021 they will be featured on HGTV House Hunters and come out with brand new episodes of the TV series, American Dream TV.

The Panozzo Team is also currently creating an ios/android app to stay coordinated through their custom app tools for agents in their team. Dave has built a unique path to success with his team through his creativity, business sense and determination which is truly inspiring.

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