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Ottawa police say businesses in the downtown area should feel safe reopening

Ottawa police say downtown businesses should 'feel comfortable to reopen.'

Key Takeaways:

  • Businesses have been allowed to reopen following the three-week “Freedom Convoy” demonstration, and O-Train service has resumed downtown.
  • 79 vehicles have been towed since police began clearing demonstrators and motorists from downtown streets on Friday morning.

After the three-week “Freedom Convoy” demonstration, businesses have been permitted to reopen, and O-Train service has resumed downtown.

The law enforcement operation that evacuated trucks and protestors from many downtown streets this weekend, according to Ottawa’s temporary police chief, is still ongoing.

“I still can’t predict when we’ll finish this operation,” interim chief Steve Bell said Sunday. “We now need to get into a maintenance aspect of it to make sure what happened three weeks ago doesn’t happen again.”

“For as long as it takes, we will maintain a stance, secure our city’s streets, and safeguard our community residents from illegal occupations.”

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The region between Elgin, Bay, Wellington, and Queen streets remains blocked by cars and pedestrians. In contrast, the “protected area” around the Queensway, Wellington Street, Bronson Avenue, and the Rideau Canal remain in place to limit traffic movement.

Vehicles have been evacuated from Wellington Street, Bay Street, Kent Street, Lyon Street, Queen Street, Metcalfe Street, and the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway twenty-four days after the convoy arrived in the downtown core.

Businesses that have been shuttered since the protest began on Jan. 28 “should feel secure to reopen” this week, according to police.

“In the following days, a robust police presence will continue,” police wrote on Twitter.

Ottawa police say downtown businesses should 'feel comfortable to reopen.'
Ottawa police say downtown businesses should ‘feel comfortable to reopen.’ Image from CBC News

The Rideau Centre is expected to reopen on Tuesday, according to sources. The Metropolitan Brasserie on Sussex Drive announced a 5 p.m. Monday reopening.

For the first time in three days, O-Train service has returned in the downtown core, with trains stopping at Lees, Ottawa, Rideau, Parliament, and Lyon.

The OPP and RCMP, according to Bell, are still committed to assisting Ottawa police in the coming days to guarantee that no cars enter the Parliamentary Precinct.

“This surgery isn’t yet finished. Another step will determine how we manage the streets and finally demobilize once we’ve determined that there is no longer threat of demonstrations in our city. We’re still not there, “According to Bell,

“Over the following few days, we’ll determine what the police force’s posture will be to see how we can maintain a presence and ensure that no one returns to occupy our streets.”

As of Sunday, 107 persons have been charged during the weekend, with 389 charges filed with the event.

Since police commenced the operation to clear protestors and automobiles from downtown streets on Friday morning, 79 vehicles have been towed.

Source: CTV News

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