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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Ron Earley is leveraging hybrid marketing by combining targeted ads & phone sales

Great salespeople can be born, made, or a mix of both. One thing is for sure, they must love what they do. It’s easy to tell whether or not a salesperson loves their job, and misery is as obvious as passion. Ron Earley is more than an amazing salesperson; he lives up to his Instagram handle: @Salesgod

This Florida native spent some time at Suncoast Tech, but he quickly realized college didn’t interest him. So, Ronald decided to teach himself about the things that interested him. He has spent over $100,000 in self-education with a strong focus on psychology in sales. If this class was ever offered on a college campus, that institution would be lucky to have Ron as its instructor.

This sales guru got his start going from door to door. He cold-pitched salon packages to college students, then explored a new area of sales: training packages. At the age of 21, Ron outsold an entire company, by himself. Thanks to his success in selling personal training packages, he then obtained a district sales director position and was tasked with training dozens of sales directors across Florida.

With his proven track record in high-ticket sales and marketing, Ron created Heavy Marketing, LLC. He has since assisted in selling developmental real estate, construction services, and serves as a sales consultant to other businesses. Ron has trained insurance and automotive sales teams, helped telemarketers achieve high-ticket sales, and taught real estate agents how to incorporate psychology into sales.

With the launch of Heavy Marketing, Ron has come a long way from door-to-door sales jobs. Today, he sees 7-figure incomes because of multiple passive income investments. In turn, his clients are seeing similar, if not higher, revenues. Two of Ron’s largest clients are bringing in 8-figure revenues thanks to targeted ads on social media and through phone sales.

Ron credits psychology as a secret to his success. He claims that no matter what the product or service is, this tactic can be taught to anyone looking to sharpen their sales skills or that of their marketing team. He loves this business, and it clearly shows. He has a passion for helping other companies succeed, not to mention this helps to further grow his business.

While Ron does feel that sales skills will help in all aspects of life, he credits communication skills as the key to a person’s success. These elements are intertwined, and Ron Earley exemplifies what you can achieve when you master both of them.

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