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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Meet Haya Mostafa, Creating Ripples Of Growth In The Competitive Sport Of Horse Riding

Haya has risen to be one of the sought-after names as a “cowgirl” and equestrian across Egypt.

Isn’t it amazing to know and learn about those individuals and professionals who never leave a stone unturned in becoming their best versions? These individuals make sure to give it their all in all that they ever choose to do in their desired industries and go ahead in becoming prominent names, even amidst massive competition and saturation in their sectors. The sporting world is one to have seen the rise of many such players and professionals, who have proved their mettle by becoming top sporting talents, just like Haya Mostafa did in the world of competitive horse riding as a “cowgirl” and “equestrian,” from Egypt.

This young and passionate horse rider, who has qualified for finals in competitions as an Egyptian equestrian, has never ceased to amaze people with her love for horse riding as a show jumper. For the unversed, there are three types of equestrian, dressage, three-day eventing, and show jumping, and Haya Mostafa belongs to the latter category, showcasing her A-game as a show jumper. This young girl was born on 1st August 1999, and today at only 23 years of age, she has already attained the prominent status of a known Egyptian equestrian.

Haya Mostafa first began riding horses at the age of only four and jumping at twelve. As years passed by, her passion for this competitive sport only kept increasing, and thus she kept honing her skills to eventually get qualified for a lot of international as well as local shows. She even participated in the Show Jumping Cup in Germany and won 1st place 8 times in her home country. She owns four amazing horses, one among which is named Campari, with whom she participated in most of the horse riding competitions and, after 17 years, retired him. Now, he is happily enjoying his farm life.

For Haya Mostafa, riding horses helps people escape the reality of the world. Trained by Captain Rasha Farouk and her husband, Captain Ahmed, Haya Mostafa learned a lot of new techniques and turned into a better version of herself as an equestrian at a very young age.

To know more, follow her on Instagram @haya

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