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Amber Heard requests a mistrial in the Johnny Depp defamation case

Amber Heard requests a mistrial in Johnny Depp's defamation case

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to proceed with a new trial, Amber Heard’s attorneys have asked the Court to declare the defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, a mistrial.
  • For a response, CNN has gotten in touch with the Court and Depp’s lawyers. Depp’s attorneys have 30 days to respond to Heard’s motion.

Amber Heard’s lawyers have requested the Court to deem the defamation case against her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, a mistrial and order a fresh trial.

In court filings from the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, Virginia, dated July 8, which supplemented a previous file, one of the jurors’ demographics does not seem to be reflected in the jury panel list given to counsel before trial, according to Heard’s attorneys.

According to court records, juror 15 was born in 1970, yet the summons to serve on the jury was for a person with the same last name born in 1945.

According to the document, “Juror No. 15 was not the person summoned for jury service on April 11, 2022, and was not a member of the jury panel as well as could not have legitimately served on the jury at this trial.” As a result, a mistrial should be ruled, and a new trial should be scheduled.

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According to the records, Juror 15 and the person initially called to the jury reside at the same home.

The brief continues, “It is profoundly problematic, as the Court no doubt agrees, for an individual not summoned for jury duty to attend and serve on a jury, especially in a case such as this.

Before the trial, it was not apparent if the Court was aware of the claimed error.

CNN has contacted the Court and Depp’s attorneys for comment. The motion from Heard has 30 days for a response from Depp’s solicitors.

Johnny Depp argues for denial of Amber Heard's mistrial request
Amber Heard requests a mistrial in Johnny Depp’s defamation case. Image from Yahoo

If the person was not the same person listed on the list or the clerk failed to confirm the person’s identity, the court document claims that Heard’s right to due process was violated.

Heard and Depp was at fault for defamation in their respective lawsuits against one another last month. However, the jury only decided to give Depp $15 million in damages while giving Heard only $2 million.

Heard’s attorneys brought up the potential jury issue in a document filed last week, asserting that the damages Depp was granted were excessive and not supported by the facts presented at trial. They also charged Depp with basing his allegations of defamation by innuendo on “time-barred and judicially privileged comments.”

Source: CTV News

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