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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Diemond Star launches new range of merchandise to bring in 2021

Music breaks down barriers and connects people irrespective of the language or country. Music is a medium to connect and express emotions which every individual has done for centuries. Diemond Star is one company that provides musicians with musical instruments and accessories. They make the life of these artists a little more comfortable through their products.

The main business of this enterprise is to provide drummers with shock-absorbing drumsticks. The whole process is controlled by them, from the seed to the stick. The process starts with picking the correct tree, which is the homegrown American hickory. The natural property of the wood is shock-absorbing and flexible, helping the drumsticks. The sticks are then pitch paired and weight-matched, making them very easy to use and grip comfortably. The drumsticks are designed with unique specs for more versatility for the musician. The re-engineering of the drumsticks reduces hand and wrist fatigue, thereby reducing the chance of an injury. Constant use of a particular tendon can cause tendinitis of the tissue. The sticks help reduce the risk of injury and keep the artist playing for longer durations.

To diversify the products they offer, the company has decided to expand into the merchandising option in 2021. The launch will be highly awaited and anticipated by the target customers of this company. The company has garnered a loyal fan base in the music world because of the quality of products it provides. Building a brand image and trust is very important for a company. The growth of a company depends on the target audience and the brand loyalty sustained over the years. The company has also let the drumming community be the face of the company rather than the management. The consumers can be confident that the clothing line will be top-notch and of the highest quality. The recent launch of autograph pens used for signing the drumsticks was received well by the drumming/music community. In retrospect, the opening of their merchandise line could see results above expectations based on the past reputation the company has built. Based on the quality of previous products, the expectations will be high for the merchandise.

The fabric engineering could be such that it could assist the artists. All their products are to benefit the talents and the community. It will be interesting to check out the merchandise collection when they launch in 2021.

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