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While police continue their investigation, Anne Heche is still in serious condition

As the police investigation continues, Anne Heche remains in serious condition.

Key Takeaways:

  • Since her automobile collided with a home in Los Angeles on Friday, Anne Heche’s condition, according to the actress’s new representative, has not improved.
  • According to LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez, Heche is being looked into for a misdemeanour DUI and hit-and-run, CNN reported earlier on Monday.

According to a new agent for the actress, Anne Heche’s condition has not improved since her car struck a house in Los Angeles on Friday.

“A spokesperson claimed over the weekend that Anne’s status was stable, but that claim was false. After the mishap, she slipped into a coma and has stayed there ever since, “Heche’s representative informed CNN in a statement on Monday. “She needs mechanical ventilation due to a serious lung injury, and surgery is needed to treat burns. Currently, she is receiving care at the Grossman Burn Center.”

Heche is being investigated for misdemeanor DUI and hit-and-run, according to LAPD Officer Annie Hernandez, CNN reported earlier on Monday.

On the day of the event, investigators secured a warrant for a blood test. Hernandez stated that they are still awaiting such results. Hernandez added that the issue would be forwarded to the LA City Attorney’s office once the inquiry was finished.

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Heche’s representative informed CNN that she has not yet been able to speak with authorities due to her injuries.

Meanwhile, the woman whose home was demolished in the collision is said to have “narrowly escaped physical harm” by her friends.

According to investigators, Lynne Mishele was home when Heche crashed, and a fire started. A GoFundMe has been set up by Mishele’s neighbors, John and Jennifer Durand, to assist her in rebuilding her life.

The Durands claim in the fundraiser’s account that Mishele lost everything but a “few broken treasured possessions.”

The GoFundMe reads, “Lynne lives in the Mar Vista home that was destroyed last week by a car driving into the property at a high rate of speed, putting the house on fire. Lynne lives with her beautiful puppies Bree and Rueban and tortoise Marley. “We are extremely grateful that Lynne and her family narrowly avoided physical harm. But the house was destroyed by fire.”

While police continue their investigation, Anne Heche is still in serious condition
While police continue their investigation, Anne Heche is still in serious condition. Image from news-daily.com

According to CNN station KCAL/KCBS, Roy Morgen, another Mishele neighbour, Heche’s automobile stopped around “two feet from where she was seated.”

Mishele was fortunate, according to Morgen. “She’s in disbelief because it hasn’t yet sunk in. Nothing remains in the house. The world was in ruins.”

According to GoFundMe, Lynne “lost her entire lifetime’s worth of things, souvenirs, and all equipment for her business.” “She was able to extract a few damaged precious items from the debris with the help of the firefighters. The rest is no longer there.”

Mishele and also the Durands have been approached by CNN for comment.

A source previously told CNN that Heche has “serious burns and has a long recovery ahead of him.” “Her team and family are still processing what happened before the crash,” she said.

Source: Global News

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