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CEO of Rogers discusses new procedures and steps to avoid further network outages

Rogers CEO describes new procedures and steps to prevent further network failures

Key Takeaways:

  • CEO Tony Staffieri introduced new steps on Sunday in an effort to stop another widespread network outage in Canada like the one that occurred on July 8 and affected more than 10 million users.
  • According to the company, steps have been taken in the direction of a deal between competing suppliers over 911 calls.

To prevent another statewide network outage in Canada like the one that affected over 10 million people on July 8, Rogers Communications President and CEO Tony Staffieri unveiled additional measures on Sunday.

In a message to customers, Staffieri stated, “Today, I want to discuss our efforts to learn from the outage and deliver the reliable network you should expect from Rogers.

Staffieri added, “I have had the chance to speak with several of you directly about the impact of that day and the genuine frustration it caused.

The business claims that progress has been made toward reaching an agreement between competing providers over 911 calls. The agreement would enable the transfer of 911 calls to alternative networks even while one network is down.

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Staffieri states, “I think this is the only ethical course of action, and also, I am personally dedicated to making it possible for all Canadians.”

Additionally, the business will separate its cellular and internet offerings. According to the firm, this would establish an “always on” network that will prevent users from experiencing cellular and Wi-Fi outages simultaneously in the future.

Rogers would also invest $10 million over the following three years, focusing on dependability.

Staffieri remarked that to guarantee that we can provide you with a dependable service, “this requires more oversight, more testing, and increased usage of Artificial Intelligence.”

To “learn” from the outage, the organization has also teamed up with technology companies to thoroughly analyze the network.

Rogers CEO describes new procedures and steps to prevent further network failures
Rogers CEO describes new procedures and steps to prevent further network failures. Image from Bloomberg

For the benefit of every Canadian, we will impart lessons to our sector, said Staffieri. “I’m aware that we can only start to earn back your trust and restore your confidence in Rogers by taking these steps. We appreciate having this chance, so thank you for that.

During the outage, Interac payments—including services like e-transfer used by Canadians millions of times—were also unavailable, in addition to phone and internet services.

To further discuss the outage, company executives are expected to appear before the House of Commons industry committee on July 25.

The committee held an emergency meeting on July 15 and unanimously decided to launch an investigation into the outage.

The committee will investigate the origin of the outage, its overall effects, the best strategies to prevent similar problems in the future, and how to better inform the public in such circumstances.

Source: CTV News

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