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Due to “significant” flood damage, City of Calgary services continue to be relocated

The City of Calgary's services are still being relocated owing to 'significant' flood damage.

Key Takeaways:

  • While officials continue to assess the building’s severe water damage, Calgary City Hall won’t be open to the public once more until Monday.
  • According to Henriques, there was some damage in the basement as well as third-level damage that spread below.

Public access to Calgary City Hall won’t resume until Monday while officials continue to evaluate the building’s serious water damage.

The interior sprinkler system, activated by four minor fires started by an intruder early on Tuesday morning, caused the damage.

After his arrest, charges against a guy who broke a window to enter the building were made.

According to Mario Henriques with the city’s facility management department, “the fires were rather mild.” There is severe water damage because the fire’s heat and/or smoke activated at least two sprinkler system zones.

Henriques claims that the water damage started on the third level and moved downstairs, with some damage also occurring in the basement. The sprinkler system also caused water damage to offices on the southeast side of the structure.

The water damage on the flooring and inside the walls is still being dried out by restoration workers inside the structure using fans.

According to Christopher Collier, director of corporate security and safety for the City of Calgary, “the 1st concern is the safety of the staff in the building and the safety of the facility itself, and the next concern is to get our services up and to run as rapidly as possible.”

The incident has affected several city services, including those for Fair Entry, cashiers, planning and development, and taxation.

City officials have stated that the damage will keep the service counters at city hall closed “indefinitely.”

“We’ll start relocating some of the counters to the third floor as soon as two weeks have passed. According to Henriques, it will take some time in some of the other locations.

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While the Planning and Development counter was temporarily moved to the third floor of the Central Library, it was moved to the top level of the Whitehorn Multi-Services Centre at 3705, 35 St. N.E. Low-income and senior low-income bus passes, cashier services, and taxation services were also temporarily relocated there.

Security staff redirected many Calgarians from city hall on Thursday, which surprised some people looking for the affected services.

Steve Hope, a visitor to city hall to pay a parking penalty, said: “It might be great if we got a little notification about what’s going on.”

City officials informed reporters that work is still being done to assess the damage and estimate anticipated costs in the following weeks.

According to acting city manager Carla Male of the City of Calgary, “we still think that water is migrating, so things change all the time.” We’ve spoken to our insurance and risk claims departments; by the end of next week, we’ll have more information.

Male claims that a large portion of the team is now on vacation in August and that arrangements are being created for those who work in the affected areas.

According to Male, employees who work on the fourth floor or higher are permitted entry into the office.

The guy detained by Calgary Police is a PACT client. The event “highlights the necessity of partnering with Alberta Health Services to give the assessment, assistance, and counseling for those facing a mental health crisis,” according to Calgary Police.

Male responded to reporters by saying it is still “a police case” when asked what action the city would take in response to the incident.

Male added, when the probe’s outcome is known, “We’ll let it happen, and then we’d take the necessary next actions.”

Source: Global News

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