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Fees for renewing licence plates and stickers will be eliminated in Ontario

Ontario licence plate renewal costs and stickers are being phased out

Key Takeaways:

  • For passenger automobiles, light trucks, motorcycles, and mopeds, the Ontario government will abolish license plate renewal prices and related stickers beginning March 13.
  • Vehicle owners may expect to get a cheque in the mail starting at the end of March and continuing through April, according to the government.

Beginning March 13, the Ontario government will eliminate license plate renewal costs and accompanying stickers for passenger cars, light trucks, motorbikes, and mopeds.

Many Ontario drivers will save roughly $120 per year due to the change.

Minister of Transportation Caroline Mulroney, Minister of Government as well as Consumer Services Ross Romano, and Associate Minister of Small Firm and Red Tape Reduction Nina Tangri made the statement in Richmond Hill.

At a press conference on Tuesday morning, Ontario Premier Doug Ford said that the government would reimburse all license plate renewal costs paid since March 2020. Officials estimate that more than 7.5 million residents will receive a refund.

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To be eligible for a refund, drivers must confirm that their address is current on the provincial website and that any outstanding traffic penalties are paid by March 7.

According to the government, vehicle owners may expect to get a check in the mail beginning at the end of March and continuing through April.

The administration has also prolonged the current license plate validation period till March 31.

“We know that growing living costs have increased the cost of many items, making it more difficult for families to make ends meet,” Ford added.

“It’s been 2 years since the epidemic started. There aren’t enough obstacles in the way of people getting back on their feet and back to normal.”

According to insiders, the decision to delete license plate stickers is a ploy ahead of the June provincial election. Ford’s campaign hopes to attract support from voters in the suburbs, where most people own and drive a car.

Based on prior estimates of the registration costs, the FAO’s office told CTV News Toronto last week that the impact on the province maybe “about a billion dollars.”

Ontario scraps licence plate sticker renewal fees | Watch News Videos Online
Ontario licence plate renewal costs and stickers are being phased out. Image from Global News

The income loss would occur when the government is facing a post-pandemic deficit of $16 to $20.5 billion, according to the FAO and the Ministry of Finance, respectively.

“It would be more severe in terms of revenue decrease,” budget monitor Peter Weltman warned. “We don’t know if it’ll all be done in a year or if it’ll be stretched out over ten years.”

When challenged about the expenditures, Premier Ford stated that the money would be reinvested in the Ontario economy.

“Everyone’s money is at stake. The money isn’t from the government. “In response to questions about the program’s cost, Ford stated.

“It’s all about affordability, so we’re just putting that money back into your wallet. People have suffered so much as a result of the epidemic, and that’s a billion dollars that will be put back into the economy, “he stated.

Since March 2020, the government has permitted people to utilize expired license plate stickers to avoid crowding at Service Ontario sites.

In Ontario, there are now over eight million automobiles registered.

Source: CTV News

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