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Saturday, September 23, 2023

For Calgary’s urban hen project, the first 100 applicants will obtain licenses

The first 100 candidates for Calgary's urban hen programme will receive licences.

Key Takeaways:

  • Officials held a random lottery draw last week to pick which people would be permitted to extend their families after receiving over 200 applications in less than two months.
  • Residents who wished to add hens to their households had to complete a series of formalities, according to Lawlor, before being entered into the drawing.
  • The 100 residents who acquire these new licenses will be the proud owners of up to four chickens, depending on their property size.

As part of the Urban Hen program, one hundred Calgary houses will soon be clucking with hens.

With over 200 applicants in less than two months, officials conducted a random lottery draw last week to choose which people would be allowed to extend their families. Those candidates were notified this week, according to municipal authorities.

“After the council approved the urban hen program last year, they requested that we limit it to 100 households for the first year,” Jennifer Lawlor, acting leader of strategic services with Calgary Community Standards, said in an interview with 770CHQR on Friday. “The application deadline just closed last week, and we notified the lucky applicants this week.”

“We liked to be sure we were selecting people fairly, so we did a random drawing of all candidates who filled out the entire application.”

According to Lawlor, the city received 204 applications, with 134 filled and qualifying.

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On the other hand, the city isn’t taking having a hen lightly. According to Lawlor, residents who wanted to add hens to their families had to go through a series of formalities before being entered into the drawing.

“We requested a site layout and specifications of the housing, as well as completion of some hen-keeping and care training,” she explained. “That was critical because they needed to know how to care for the chickens, what to do if they were sick, and make sure the coops were built so that predators couldn’t get in and they weren’t a nuisance. To the neighborhood.”

Depending on their property size, the 100 residents who receive these new licenses will become the proud owners of up to four chickens.

“In general, people will be permitted to keep two to four hens,” Lawlor explained. “You’ll need more than one; they’ll need a friend or two.”

“In some situations, persons may be permitted to have more if they own a larger property in the city.”

The first 100 candidates for Calgary's urban hen programme will receive licences.
The first 100 candidates for Calgary’s urban hen programme will receive licences. Image from iHeartRadio

Residents who acquire these licenses, according to Lawlor, must take particular steps to properly care for their new additions, such as providing a coop, a reliable heat source, appropriate ventilation, and an outdoor area for their hens.

When it comes to what residents can do with their hens, Lawlor said residents are welcome to use the advantages of keeping these backyard animals, such as gathering and selling their eggs.

“If people want to give their eggs away or sell them, they just have to make sure they meet the provincial and federal guidelines,” she said.

According to Lawlor, residents are not allowed to butcher their hens within city bounds.

The lottery method has also created a waitlist for any further candidates. If those previously notified do not desire to proceed with their licensing, the waitlisted applications may be completed in 2022, or waitlisted candidates will be included in the 2023 application intake.

Source: Global News

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