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Ontario’s top physician will announce an increase in COVID-19 booster shots Wednesday

Ontario's top doctor will announce the extension of COVID-19 booster doses.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fourth dosage eligibility increase for the COVID-19 vaccination is anticipated to be announced by Ontario’s chief medical officer of health.
  • Kalina said he expects to learn more about cutting-edge immunizations that target omicron and increase immunity in the coming months.

On Wednesday, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario is expected to state the COVID-19 vaccine’s fourth dosage eligibility increase.

At 11 a.m., Dr. Kieran Moore will give the update and go over how the province is distributing quick antigen tests.

The announcement comes as Ontario experiences its seventh wave of the virus, accompanied by a recent rise in hospitalizations, positive rates, and case counts.

Only those 60 years of age and older, weakened immune adults, and Indigenous communities can currently get the booster.

Moore indicated Thursday that he thought the expansion would be decided this week.

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The majority of those in Ontario who have not yet had the third dose of vaccination is a cause for worry, according to the top physician in the province at the time.

One million of the five million people who haven’t yet received their first booster are older than 50, which is a known risk factor for COVID, serious outcomes, and hospitalization, according to Moore.

So, we’re requesting that you consider getting immunized in July before opening up to more than a million people.

Despite a 20% week-over-week increase in COVID-19 cases in Ontario, a spike in the positive rate from 8.4% to 11.24%, and signs that hospitalizations and deaths are on the rise, Moore said he anticipates the wave to peak in the province this week.

Dr. Dale Kalina, an infectious diseases specialist, expressed curiosity in learning more about the data the province will present on the timing of fourth doses and their effectiveness on younger people in an interview with CP24 on Tuesday night.

Ontario's top doctor will announce the extension of COVID-19 booster doses.
Ontario’s top doctor will announce the extension of COVID-19 booster doses. Image from CBC News

According to Kalina, “We know that fourth doses aren’t very beneficial unless you have an immune system that needs many of these repeating vaccines.” “In general, those with compromised immune systems are the ones who require booster dosages. Therefore, if you are over 70 or on medications that suppress your immune system, you should avoid it.

Kalina noted that he anticipates learning more about novel vaccinations targeting omicron and boosting immunity in the upcoming months.

Meanwhile, he suggested that you obtain a booster shot if you can.

“If you are a healthy person under the age of 60, you should be urging everyone you know to get third doses, whether they are your age or younger,” he advised. “Those are the techniques that I think will increase the safety for as many people as possible.”

Source: CTV News

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