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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Pat King is annoyed by courtroom livestreams

Pat King is irritated by livestreamers in the courtroom.

Key Takeaways:

  • On Monday, a brief court appearance, Pat King, one of the organisers of last month’s “Freedom Convoy” protest in downtown Ottawa, expressed frustration with people’s lives streaming his court appearances.

Pat King, one of the organizers of last month’s “Freedom Convoy” protest in downtown Ottawa, displayed frustration with folks’ lives streaming his court appearances in a brief court appearance Monday.

King, 44, is charged with mischief, advising someone to commit misconduct, advising someone to disobey a court order, and advising someone to obstruct justice.

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King spoke up during his Monday appearance to request a publication ban, citing “co-accused,” who he claims have been posting the hearings on social media. In so many cases, people have been alleged of illegally live-streaming court hearings for high-profile convoy participants.

Judges of the Peace The approximately 150 people in the courthouse Zoom meeting were reminded by Stephen Dibblee that recording, broadcasting, or rebroadcasting any of the proceedings is illegal. Such actions are “not helpful to Mr. King,” he told any supporters who might be listening. On Monday, no publication restrictions were imposed. King was told that he would have to make a written request.

Pat King is irritated by livestreams in the courtroom.
Pat King is irritated by livestreams in the courtroom. Image from Head Topics

King was arrested on February 18 and has been in custody ever since. Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, both prominent members of the convoy movement, have before been granted bail.

On Thursday, King is scheduled to return to court. His case was adjourned by the court to allow him to meet with his new lawyers.

The city of Ottawa spent an estimated $36.6 million on the three-week occupation of downtown Ottawa to protest COVID-19 public health measures and other grievances, with the majority of the money going to the police response.

Source: CTV News

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