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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Relaxed U.S. travel requirements are welcomed at Edmonton International Airport

Relaxed U.S. travel rules are welcome at Edmonton International Airport.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Edmonton International Airport has praised the Biden administration’s decision to reduce COVID-19 testing requirements for travellers as “excellent” (EIA).

The decision by the Biden administration to eliminate COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers is hailed as “good” by the Edmonton International Airport (EIA).

The adjustments took effect on Sunday.

According to Steve Maybee, vice president of communications, operations, and infrastructure at EIA, “any reduction in time-consuming processes will positively improve the passenger experience, as well as the process for Canadians to now go to the United States.”

“We completely applaud the United States government’s action, which aligns with the broader international community’s removal of vaccine mandates and COVID procedures.”

According to an Edmonton travel agent, this takes significant stress off travelers’ shoulders when planning a holiday.

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“Checking in will be easier at the airport,” said Leah Holt, a travel agent with Go Travel.

“The lines were incredibly long – it’s one thing for agents to have to worry with checking tests on top of everything else.”

According to Holt, many more tourists are expected to visit the United States this summer, particularly for short vacations.

“Even if it’s just for the summer at Disneyland and Disney.” “There’s a lot of last-minute planning,” she explained.

Relaxed U.S. travel rules are welcome at Edmonton International Airport.
Relaxed U.S. travel rules are welcome at Edmonton International Airport. Image from Daily Hive

“Many people are looking forward to weekend excursions to New York — or even simply weekend visits to Seattle or Las Vegas – fast weekend trips that we can undertake.”

Holt still advises people to test themselves since they could be infected.

People should also consider cancellation insurance, she added.

“It’s one step closer to the pandemic, which I think we’re all anticipating,” Holt added.

In 90 days, the CDC will reevaluate its decision and be evaluated on an ongoing basis.

“Since January 2021, overseas travelers traveling in the United States must undergo pre-departure testing.

Source: Global News

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