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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton hosts a “unparalleled” week of events

Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is hosting a 'unprecedented' week of events.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recently, Commonwealth Stadium has hosted football games, Monster Jam competitions, and the historic visit of the Pope to Edmonton.
  • Fesyk observed that even though there have been numerous events held at Commonwealth Stadium, none have been as closely clustered as these.

The Pope’s historic visit to Edmonton, Monster Jam events, and football games have occurred at Commonwealth Stadium recently.

On Saturday, Monster Jam made its debut in the city, and by Sunday afternoon, Elks territory had returned.

Jason Fesyk, the City of Edmonton’s stadium large events supervisor, stated that this week at Commonwealth Stadium is likely to be unique.

It’s been crowded at the place.

The stadium featured a papal mass, a monster truck display, and three different sporting events in a single week.

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Fesyk noted that although many events have passed through Commonwealth Stadium, none have been as closely packed together as these.

“It was remarkable how much time, effort, and work went into that.”

Setting up and taking down several large events swiftly with a local labor force of roughly 45 individuals collaborating with other teams is not easy.

Carol Menaar stated, “With only a small number of employees, you can have a well-oiled machine when you have a clear plan in place and great leadership that provides you really good direction.

Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is hosting a 'unprecedented' week of events.
Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is hosting a ‘unprecedented’ week of events. Image from 91.5 The Beat

About 100 workers are working concurrently with the other event staff.

To rehearse their performances, go outside, and generally get things rolling so we can welcome attendees to these events, Fesyk said.

Aaron Baynes, a laborer, claimed to have a good team.

“Most of us have performed numerous concerts together by this point, so when we perform shows together, we tend to become used to interacting and working effectively together. The crew is friendly, Baynes stated.

Source: Global News

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