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Who would most benefit from a 2nd COVID booster, as per health experts

Who would gain the most from a second COVID booster, according to health experts

Key Takeaways:

  • Health professionals urge healthy individuals to delay receiving the fourth dose of the COVID-19 immunization until they are no longer at “risk” for the disease.
  • Pharmacist Kristen Watt from Ontario told CTV News Channel on Saturday that vaccines are already being created to combat these abnormalities.
  • According to Watt, a person’s daily exposure to risk factors determines whether or not they require a second COVID booster.

Health experts advise those with “risk factors” to have the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccination as soon as they are eligible, but healthy people can choose to wait. This advice comes as several Canadians over 18 worry about whether to get the vaccine now that they are eligible.

As the BA.5 Omicron variant spreads throughout the province, Ontario this week increased eligibility for the fourth COVID-19 vaccination for all adults. But other Canadians are debating whether it would be wiser to hold off on getting a booster until a bivalent vaccine, including Omicron strains, becomes available in the fall.

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Provinces and territories have begun distributing fourth doses of the vaccine after Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization recommended the booster to combat a potential wave in the fall likely from the Omicron BA.5 type.

On Saturday, Ontario pharmacist Kristen Watt told CTV News Channel that vaccines are already being developed to tackle these mutations. Some Canadians may be unsure whether to get their booster shot or wait for the new vaccine result.

We sincerely hope Omicron-specific vaccines will be available in the autumn, but getting vaccinated now shouldn’t prevent you from getting vaccinated. We thus hope that people do both, she added.

Who would gain the most from a second COVID booster, according to health experts
Who would gain the most from a second COVID booster, according to health experts. Image from Fierce Pharma

According to Watt, whether or not a person needs a second COVID booster depends on their daily exposure to risk variables. The launch date of a new vaccine is yet unknown, but according to Watt, the booster shot will still defend against serious sickness.

She stated, “We need to concentrate on the individual and have that talk about, yes, there might be something approaching, but we don’t know for sure when it’s coming and also getting protected now will protect you and people around you right now.

Source: CTV News

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