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Cory Muroff talks about the lack of humility in the young generation

Selling things online can be one of the best ways to make a passive full-time income. Unfortunately, it can be hard for potential entrepreneurs to develop interesting ideas. Cory Muroff has been building e-commerce ventures since 2011 and wants to share with you the secret to selling items online.

 Muroff is currently COO of Cry Baby, a company that sells clothes and accessories for women. He also sits on the board of charitable clothing shop Ivory Ella. These businesses only sell their wares online, so Muroff knows a great deal about how to hack the e-commerce game. “First, try finding a problem you can solve. This could be a tangible problem, like their sink always clogging up, or a more abstract one, like women not being able to find plus-size clothing that they like.” If you have trouble coming up with ideas of your own, that’s okay. One of the best ways to make waves online is to capitalize on trends early by looking at what other businesses are selling. Vaping was one of the industries that had a huge boom a few years ago, and many people made abundant money reselling vapes online. “You have to keep in mind that this might not be a long-term solution. Trends come and go. You might have to abandon this business for the next one when the time comes.” You can find the newest trend by browsing online marketplaces and searching the trending keywords. Another strategy is to read customer reviews on products that are already out in the marketplace. “If everyone says that they wish a product had a different feature, you can fulfill that need. Or, if you find that the only products in a niche have negative reviews, take it as your opportunity.”

 Cory Muroff recommends staying in a field that you like. “You should be able to bring some passion to your business. If you hate the field you’re working in, it will be much harder to wake up every day and work as hard as you can.” Success and passion work hand in hand, so don’t go too far out of your comfort zone simply to follow the trends. “Your business should still be a reflection of yourself.”

 Selling things online can be a great way to start an entrepreneurship career. If you can choose the right product, you’re setting yourself up for years of success.

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