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‘Level up or vanish’ says Kianoush Nikkhah Kouchaksaraei

When it comes to new-age advertising, digital marketing is all the rage. Since the turn of the millennium, the hype around this buzzword has only become louder. To anyone with their eyes set on the future, it’s clear why. According to Statista.com, as of April 2020, 4.57 billion people are active internet users, and 2.95 billion are dynamically exploring the ever-growing landscape of social media. People like Kianoush Kouchaksaraei have anticipated the truth these numbers indicate. While the young and energetic digital marketer is happy to witness and utilize the growth, he’s also aware of the digital marketing’s untapped potential. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Untapped potential

Digital marketing has evolved substantially over the years and changed the way the world does business. It has helped brands, businesses and influencers reach out to millions of people around the globe. Marketing strategies have evolved, and brands are exploring new ways to engage, interact, and transact with their audience. Kianoush firmly believes that while a lot has already been achieved, there is a lot of room for improvement, innovation, and creativity. Kianoush added, “AI, augmented reality, VR, improved algorithms and enhanced customer experience are just some of the things the future holds. There is untold potential that remains to be unleashed.”

Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Facebook

 Data is the new gold. With advancements in the field of BI and data analytics, brands and industries can look into the minds of their customers and find out what they might want and when they might want it. Kianoush emphasizes the need to stay ethical when exploring customer data. He believes that “with the right kind of regulations in place, companies can still tap into the mindset of their consumers and work towards creating meaningful campaigns.” Google and Facebook are experienced in data generation. Google and Facebook Ads have shown tremendous potential for small businesses, helping them appear more professional while staying self-sustained. Kianoush encourages his clients to exploit digital Ads’ as creatively as possible because Google and Facebook are here to stay.

Digital integration

 Digital marketing is yet to fully exploit the combination of different services available to and used by consumers. Although many players have had the vision to add hyperlinks, google maps, chatbots, and more to create an aura of comfort for their consumers, there’s more to be done. Kianoush, who established a name for himself as an experienced digital marketing expert, always keeps an eye on emerging trends. He advises his clients to “become more flexible and integrate with other services that their users might be using to deliver a refined experience for them.” Such a measure is “not just a strategy, it’s an attitude”, and it says a lot about a brand’s interaction with its customers.

Kianoush is a daring digital marketer, and his expertise has its roots in knowledge and skill. As he taps into the digital world’s infinite potential, he hopes others might begin to share his vision.

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