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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Entrepreneur Tom Moyal reveals the secret to creating a powerful clientele

It may be easy to win a ticket to 15-seconds of fame, but such success can easily slip through one’s grasp. Social media influencers know this and do everything it takes to maintain their success. And entrepreneur Tom Moyal helps them do just that. Armed with interesting insights and enviable tech expertise, Moyal has helped many popular influencers and, in the process, created a star-studded clientele with his company Digital Event. 

You can think of Tom Moyal as an influencer’s one-person digital crew. The 23-year old entrepreneur who hails from France has aesthetics and style coded into his DNA. He left his native country searching for bigger and newer challenges. After studying web-designing in Canada, Moyal ventured into the virtual world with a will to leave a digital footprint. While his love for entrepreneurship drove him to the digital space, his expertise with technology and a passion for thinking out of the box helped him make his mark. He says, “I founded Digital Event for two reasons – to help the best influencers out there stay on top and help others find their unique voice. The world of social media is an infinitely growing smörgåsbord of ideas. Here, only the most interesting idea wins. And who’s to decide what’s interesting? All you can do be fearless and experiment with novel ideas and perspectives. Therefore as an entrepreneur, I have taken it upon myself to help my clients create winning ideas and strategies for their brand.”

Perhaps it’s Moyal’s confidence in his abilities that raging influencers like Ana Montana, Dadju, Jessica Rich, Alexa Dellanos, Tana Mongeau, Jailyne Ojeda, Maitre Gims, and other big names have put their faith and the fate of their online personas in Moyal’s hands. Through Digital Event, Moyal hopes to give his clients the best ideas to stay on top and connect better with their fans. He adds, “I am first an Instagram user, then a creator. This means that I am a fan of my clients. In fact, I was following most of them before they became my clients. I followed some for their tips, some for their quirkiness, some for the new flavors they bring to the conversation but I followed all of them for their ability to stand out by being themselves. I think that my job as an entrepreneur and as the CEO of Digital Event is one about finding new ways to fall in love with the work of my clients.”

Moyal is serious about his work and the success of his clients. His sense of design and a penchant for new ideas have helped him earn a place amongst the prominent newsmakers of the digital world.

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