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Meet Jose Gaytan Founder Of TGA Financials

Jose Gaytan, a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur who has chased his dreams and followed the path to living life on his terms. Gaytan lives by his favorite quote, “Don’t expect people to understand your grind when God didn’t give them your vision.” 

Here is what excites Gaytan about his business 

His organization TGA was recognized as the Team of the Decade for the last ten years in PHP Agency! “The next ten years will be 10X better! The momentum we have right now I’ve never seen before!” Gaytan remarked. To make a name in the industry, Gaytan joined the 1% income earners and crossed $1M income and built many leaders who also make the same income and that has identified him as a top builder in the industry. ADVERTISING

The secret behind Gaytan’s success 

“Being a servant leader and making it about others winning. I don’t want to be the King but the Kingmaker.”, Gaytan stated. He says, never take the people for granted whom you serve daily. Gaytan is motivated to make history. “One day we will look back and say we started this company with nothing, we were counted out, and we proved them all wrong and became the leading Financial Marketing Organization of the industry.” 

A brief about Gaytan’s work profile 

Gaytan is an entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, and agency builder, a man exploring all horizons. He has paved his path towards success by discovering his interest and passion towards entrepreneurship and associating with great mentors who helped him reach great heights of success. Gaytan is a proud co-founder of a leading Financial Marketing Organization, TGA Financials /PHP Agency, which protects families with various life insurance products and secures people’s retirements with guaranteed products offered by insurance companies. It provides the best part-time and full-time opportunities in the financial services industry. One can make a high income by getting a life insurance license, world-class training, and protecting families with the various services. 

How does Gaytan hire talent 

Today everyone is looking for a legitimate opportunity to build a real business that gives you not only a great passive and residual income but a chance to develop and surround yourself with

great mentors personally. Most people don’t have this opportunity. Gaytan’s company attracts many people from all walks of life, and they retain people with rapid success and provide them with the opportunity to grow as a leader. 

Gaytan’s plans to grow and succeed 

The company has the vision to have 500,000 licensed agents by 2029 and dominate the industry. “We will be an international powerhouse and be a household name.” Since 2009, the company has not stopped and will only continue to compound. 

You can follow Jose on Instagram at @JFGAYTAN

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