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Publicist-turned-actor-turned Philanthropist: Multi-faceted Josh Heller Leads an Inspiring Life

The path to entrepreneurship isn’t always linear. Just because you may have started in one sector doesn’t mean you won’t find yourself in another, which makes the journey so fascinating. We are only as diverse as our experiences, and as we chase our dreams, we see the opportunities to be a part of many unique projects. Creative as he is driven, entrepreneur Josh Heller has gone from acting alongside A-listers to launching his firm and non-profit; establishing himself as one of Hollywood’s most successful entrepreneurs.

Josh sees a new way of entrepreneurship coming that is founded on compassion and empathy. “The way we look at business is changing,” says Josh. “It is becoming more inclusive, more aware. It is no longer just about strategy. It’s about vision.” Motivated to create a better world, Josh isn’t afraid to take on opportunities that fuel his creativity and passion for diversity. Josh maintains that you can’t just stay in one field your entire life if you want to be an all-rounder entrepreneur. You have to branch out.

A​ graduate of the Annenberg School for Journalism at the University of Southern California, Josh began his career in publicity, working for prominent organizations like Paramount, Rogers & Cohen, Disney, and Sony. Publicist turn actor turned philanthropist, Josh has acted alongside Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in Larry Crowne. He has appeared in music videos for John Mayer and Pharrell and launched his non-profit Favored Nations.

“​Stepping out of my comfort zone has always helped me see things in a new light,” explains Josh. “It’s easy to stay with the thing that is working, but that’s not how we grow. We grow when we push our limits.” Josh is committed to his career, but above all, he is committed to creativity, helping him find solutions and run businesses poised to take on the challenges of our ever-changing world.

A​ jack-of-all-trades, Josh’s vibrant career is a result of sheer hard work and dedication. Josh states, “Being successful to me is about being committed to something bigger than yourself.” This attitude has pushed Josh to have a larger-than-life career that many entrepreneurs dream of. By going all-in and giving back, Josh uses his ideas to help bring people together and foster community.

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