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Untangle your anxiety author, Joshua Fletcher: One year on

It’s been just over a year since UK Author and Psychotherapist, Joshua Fletcher released the number one bestseller, Untangle your anxiety and the former anxiety sufferer shows no sign of slowing down as he explains what he’s been up to and what’s on the horizon.

“The reception of the book has been so encouraging and hearing from sufferers on how it has helped them to rationalise and overcome their anxiety is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The response to the book spurred me on to create The School of Anxiety – a centralised resource for all things anxiety”

Fletcher explains that his website has been designed with accessibility in mind.

“The school is the home to all my media; The Panic Pod podcast, my growing library of books (two of which are now bestsellers) and my course Stop Fearing Fear to name a few.  The course is designed to be a cost-effective way to begin your journey to recovery from anxiety and in the future, I’m looking to add an encyclopaedic list of articles designed to demystify both the physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety.”

Fletcher has been busy since his latest book, with regular updates to his growing list of podcast episodes and hints at new projects coming soon.

“I’ve been keeping busy over the last year as those who follow me on Instagram will know (@anxietyjosh). I’m really proud of how the school has taken shape and I’m excited to see it grow to become a key tool for anxiety sufferers now, and in the future.”

Take a look for yourself at www.schoolofanxiety.com.

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