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Saturday, September 23, 2023

The campaign for the June 2nd Ontario election will start on Wednesday

On Wednesday, the campaign for Ontario's June 2 election will begin.

Key Takeaways:

  • The lieutenant governor agreed to dissolve the provincial legislature on Premier Doug Ford’s advice, and the election campaign will officially begin on Wednesday.
  • Despite serving as a cabinet minister in the former Liberal government, polls show that he is little known among the general public.

The lieutenant governor accepted Premier Doug Ford’s advice to dissolve the provincial legislature, and the election campaign will officially begin on Wednesday.

Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell has set the election date for June 2.

Ontario politicians have been campaigning informally for weeks, with two of the three major parties releasing their platforms.

On his way in to satisfy Dowdeswell on Tuesday afternoon, Ford said that on June 2, people will have a “very clear choice.”

He stated, “This election is about one simple thing.” “Either the people of this province choose to go backward or choose prosperity, getting things built, like bridges, roads, and highways, as we are.”

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At this point, polls indicate that Ford’s Progressive Conservatives are likely to win re-election, with the Liberals, who are currently in third place, threatening to overtake the NDP to form the official Opposition.

However, NDP Leader Andrea Horwath insisted that her party is the best bet to win “job number one,” which she refers to as defeating Ford’s Progressive Conservatives.

Horwath noted at a Toronto event that her party was the official Opposition in the legislature in 2018, whereas the Liberals have only seven incumbent seats this time.

She also noted that her party’s platform promises for the upcoming election include expanding OHIP to include mental health services, hiring further healthcare workers, as well as providing more affordable housing.

“We know that if we come together this time and ensure that Doug Ford is defeated with a vote for the NDP, the issues that matter most to people can be addressed,” she said.

Ford, as well as Horwath, “seem to be on the same page,” according to Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, with both attacking him, including each party running anti-Del Duca ads last year.

On Wednesday, the campaign for Ontario's June 2 election will begin.
On Wednesday, the campaign for Ontario’s June 2 election will begin. Image from The Conversation

“I’m aware that they’ll continue to concentrate on me… I will focus on the 15 million individuals who call this province home,  what they need, what they’re looking for, and what they’re hoping for as we emerge from this pandemic for a life quality that I believe they deserve. “Del Duca elaborated.

Tuesday morning, the Liberals released a series of digital videos introducing Del Duca to voters. Although he served in the former Liberal government as a cabinet minister, polls show that he is little known among the general public.

Del Duca is seen in the videos cooking with his wife and two daughters, telling dad jokes, looking through old photos with his parents, and discussing the death of his younger brother in a car accident four years ago.

Meanwhile, amid the pandemic, Elections Ontario is encouraging residents to vote early this year to reduce polling station crowds.

On election day, voters will see floor signage for physical separation, Plexiglas screens, hand sanitizer, and masks available; face coverings will not be required of voters or staff but will be available for those who want them.

However, for those who prefer not to vote in person, there will be ten days of advanced voting, up from 5, and Elections Ontario has a new online process for applying for a mail-in ballot.

Elections Ontario has also released a new app that allows voters to map their polling places, view candidate information, choose how to vote, and receive notifications when a fresh candidate is registered. It also includes a barcode-enabled electronic version of the voter information card.

Source: CTV News

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