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Sports consultant Skinnybets Lists 3 top NBA Teams to watch out for in 2021

Time to place your bets and pick your teams as the new year is taking shape. It is that time of year again when fans, managers and sports journalists alike begin to pick the teams they’ll rally behind. Skinnybets is all too familiar with this exercise, especially being a sports consultant.

Skinnybets began placing bets at 17-years-old and he picked the one thing he absolutely loves, the NBA. Born in Vancouver and raised in Montreal, he had a grande vision for his life beyond his age and where he was raised.

He quickly fell in love with the NBA and WWE, admiring stars like Kobe Bryant and John Cena. Skinnybets accepted early enough that he didn’t have the skills needed to become an NBA player, but that did not put him off his favorite sport.

Knowing this, he began placing bets on games and when he was 22, he began posting his wins on his social media accounts. This very quickly transformed him into a consultant as hundreds of people would seek him out to help them identify what teams to bet on. Through consulting on sports betting, Skinnybets has been able to help thousands of people.

According to Skinnybets, you should love what you do so that it doesn’t feel like a job and that’s exactly what he is doing. Given his prowess in the field, Skinnybets is looking to change even more lives this year by highlighting the top 3 NBA teams to watch out for in 2021:

  • Phoenix Suns – A team with one of the stingiest defenses. Skinnybets says it would not be a surprise if they won a series in the coming playoffs, especially given that they have Devin Booker, a superstar.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers – With Nurkic out of commission due to an injury, it would have hurt their chances, however, they are still a team to watch out for and he’ll be back in time for the playoffs. Their strategy seems to have changed this time around as they usually start slow and pick pace as the season proceeds but this time, they’ve hit the ground running.
  • The Pacers – Even without a superstar, the Pacers is a team of great players covering each position. Acquiring Caris LeVert is a tremendous boost to the team and Malcolm Brogdon is playing a great game this season.

Take the word of a seasoned sports consultant who has extensive experience in spotting the gems in the NBA.

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