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5 Success Tips from successful entrepreneur Allan Hu

Achieving full-fledged success at an early age is no easy task. Very few make the grade; even fewer start with absolutely nothing and manage to attain entrepreneurial success at the young age of 22. Allan Hu is one such entrepreneur who believes that hard work and good luck have helped him reach where he is today.

Finding your fortune and making a successful splash in the world takes ambition, hard work, creativity, resilience, and an ironclad sense of self-belief. He also had some hard and fast rules he believes are integral for success. He’s condensed his insights into five tips he believes will prove invaluable for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.  

Perseverance Will Be Rewarded 

If at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, calculate the damage, and try a different approach. Rarely anyone makes a million from their first business venture, it takes perseverance and a tough skin to be a real success. 

Have Faith in Yourself 

When you doubt your abilities, you hesitate, and when you hesitate, you’ll fail. Fear is the rot that sets in when you lack faith in yourself. It paralyzes action and dynamic decision making. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and backing yourself every single time. Self-belief is all-important and the seed from which everything else grows. 

Diversity is the Name Of The Game 

You need plenty of irons in the fire and strings to your bow to make it as an entrepreneur. Diversity is key in the modern world. Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in the water of various industries and fields. The knowledge and skills you pick up in one area can be used elsewhere in a whole host of innovative ways. 

Challenge Yourself

In any line of work, it’s important to stay match fit and match ready by constantly challenging yourself, even during quiet periods. However, when you’re an entrepreneur, you need to bring your ‘A’ game to the table every time. Keep setting yourself new and daunting challenges to stay on your toes and one step ahead of your rivals. Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

You Need a Little Help from Lady Luck 

As a professional poker player, I know all too well how even the most skillful player can benefit enormously from a little bit of luck. The same applies to the business world. If you put yourself in the right positions, a little bit of luck can make all the difference. They say fortune favors the brave, well so too does lady luck, so get out there and be bold, be bright, and most importantly, be successful.

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