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Hayden Joseph Branigan aka Tofuu, an eminent role model to all the budding entrepreneurs and YouTubers

Change nothing and nothing changes when following the same old routine is getting you down.

Who knows this better than the 22 year old successful entrepreneur of a spectacular multimedia YouTube channel Tofuugaming. Hayden Joseph always had a passion and aptitude towards creation, innovation, gaming and starting his own venture. From a young age, Hayden was inspired and intrigued by YouTube sensations like Smosh and other viral gamers. The ambitious and determined Hayden started out his phenomenal journey from a 140 sq ft. room, recording videos with his impressive commentary using a flip phone. With such a burning fervour, He even launched his own YouTube channel in 2010 that mainly consisted of short reviews on the profound Lego set and its mechanism. He ran that channel and uploaded videos consistently for a year. He was astonished by the amount of responses and how quickly one could get famous and viral on this revolutionary platform. Hayden with the gained experience and improved knowledge on YouTube and social media dynamics decided to ameliorate his content and started a second channel called Tofuugaming. 

Over the course of 10 years, Tofuugaming now has an estimate of 3 million subscribers and over a billion views. Creating and innovating content according to the latest trends was an acute strategy that Tofuu adopted which made his channel peak and soar in the industry. His unique approach on the ways and tactics of Roblox and Minecraft stood out and favoured the growth of Tofuugaming. His prior experience made him proficient and even gave him an edge over other YouTubers. Along his own channel, Tofuu also associated his work and channel with several prominent YouTubers like Poke, Ant, etc. He joined two illustrious gaming groups Crew and Friends and Cube SMP. 

This opened a gate of opportunities for him which only catered to the growth and flourishment of his career. He gets prominent collaboration and affiliation offers from the media companies and institutions daily but Tofuu believes in his own venture and work. He wants the freedom to express himself through his art without the control of superior power. The entertainment industry has always been an outlet to showcase creativity and ideas for many brilliant and successful artists including Tofuu.

Expanding his work, Tofuu also launched a second channel JoeG that consists of vlogging and glimpses of his daily life. These tactics and a piece of comprehensive knowledge about the business environment and its ways made Hayden the successful person he is today. He is the man who started out in a 140sq ft. room and now has a whole recording studio and an exceptional team of promising employees. 

To know more about Tofuu and his YouTube channel and other work, check out his Instagram page: @Tofu

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