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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Summer sports participants in Lethbridge are expecting a strong season

Summer sports participants in Lethbridge are anticipating a successful season.

Key Takeaways:

  • The facilities manager, Hank Stoffer, has been grumbling about the lack of activity at Softball Valley.
  • This year, around 100 teams have registered for the summer, with pandemic health standards remaining steady and mostly loosening well before the season.

Hank Stoffer, the facility manager, has been complaining about the lack of activity at Softball Valley.

“We played from June to September last year, and we had nothing the year before,” he explained. “We usually get 300 people down here every night, so that was quite a shock to the system.”

In 2021, only half as many teams as usual, took to the field in Softball Valley.

Almost 100 teams have signed up for the summer this year, with pandemic health regulations remaining stable and largely loosened well ahead of the season. This is comparable to pre-pandemic levels.

“Our mixed league will begin the final week of April and run until the end of September or the beginning of October,” Stoffer stated. “By the middle of August, the main leagues are over. This year, we’ve got many tournaments planned, so it’ll be a busy season.”

Lethbridge Little League is likewise looking forward to a strong season.

“Compared to the COVID-19 years, registrations have greatly grown this year,” stated president Travis Oberg.

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Nearly 800 children have signed up for 2022, a seven-year high.

Last year, barely two-thirds of Little League’s current numbers participated. According to the organization, the number of kids between the ages of three and seven is on the rise.

Oberg stated that everyone is pumped up for a schedule with few disruptions, from coaches to players.

“It’s incredibly great to start the season on time and get back to our regular programming without any of the disruptions we’ve had the last two years,” Oberg added.

As the countdown to the season begins, there is still much work to be done to get Softball Valley’s fields ready for play, but Stoffer is excited to get started.

“It’ll be good to meet everyone again,” he delighted.

Source: Global News

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