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5 Tips Every Dropshipper Should Know According to Louis Cooke

Dropshipping, according to Louis Cooke, is one of the world’s most booming industries. Cooke is a drop shipping expert who left his permanent, well-paying job to try his luck in this field. Today, he is a dropshipping guru who can turn any dropshipping website on its head with unique marketing skills. He believes that you don’t need a world of knowledge or skill to succeed in this industry. All you need to do is take the risk, trust yourself, and always seek to make improvements. He offers the following tips for novice drop shippers.

1. Don’t stick to products that don’t sell

Holding on to stocks that don’t sell won’t do your business any good. Cooke explains that traditional selling and drop shipping are different. Stocking old goods may work for conventional retail selling, but it becomes a burden in dropshipping. He considers this as an advantage of the dropshipping industry. “If one of the products in your store isn’t selling, you can switch to a different product and try something new.”

2. Make your dropshipping website attractive

It doesn’t matter whether your potential customer lands on your website from social media platforms or Google; they should stay on it for at least a few minutes. You will be surprised to see Cooke’s dropshipping websites. They are so well-organized and attractive that you would want to buy something from them before leaving. He wants dropshippers to create websites that fetch similar reactions from prospective customers. First impressions matter, so take time to improve your site’s form and function.

3. Use online marketing campaigns

Cooke was skeptical about spending money on social media ads. He wanted to market his products organically. And so, he recommends that you use online marketing campaigns that are not money-making traps. For example, you can use social media to promote your store but don’t opt for paid ads. He suggests other techniques, such as creating polls, posting stories, taking suggestions from the target audience, and providing early-bird offers. According to Cooke, these techniques don’t require shelling out a ton of money, and they generate a response from your target audience when executed properly.

4. Automate repetitive processes

You will notice that Cooke’s website doesn’t hand-fill orders. Instead, he uses dropshipping software to automate the payment and order placement process. He recommends others to follow the same technique. Cooke suggests that if you can’t buy automation software, you can use the free ones to accumulate money to buy a paid version. Not automating these processes may create a backlog of orders, leading customers to cancel their orders because they don’t want to wait long.

5. Offer top-notch customer service

“Your customer service team can attract many leads that various marketing strategies can’t generate. Many customers prefer calling and asking about a few products before hitting the order button. A solid customer service team can make a difference to your dropshipping store.” Cooke encourages dropshippers to keep this tip in mind. When he started dropshipping, he made customer service one of his priorities. You can now see why it made a significant difference to his stores.

You can become an excellent drop shipper if you follow the above tips recommended by Louis Cooke. Of course, you can implement a few techniques of your own and see which ones work best for your business.

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