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Government agencies faced around five million cyber-attacks every day.

In a shocking reveal, a Taiwanese minister informed the parliament that government agencies faced around 5 million cyberattacks daily. The minister’s statement came once a report warned of accelerating Chinese warfare targetting Taiwan.
Taiwanese officers have declared earlier that the island faces several cyber attacks monthly. They need to say that around half of these attacks are believed to have been originated from China.
Speaking in parliament, the cyber department director said Taiwan’s government network faces about “5 million attacks and scans per day”.

In the field of cyber security, a scan refers to an attempt to search out weaknesses in a server.

“We are strengthening the government’s defensive measures and collecting related data for analysis in a bid to stop the attacks when they are initiated,” Chien told lawmakers.

Taiwan accuses that China ramped up its cyber warfare against the island nation post-2016 once Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen was its president. Tsai Ing-wen views Taiwan as an independent nation.

Beijing views Taiwan as a part of its own territory and has vowed to 1 day seize the island, by force if necessary.

In a report released on Tuesday, Taiwan’s defense ministry warned that China has been “vigorously enhancing” its cyber warfare capabilities as a part of the strategy to bring the island to heel.

The ministry’s data security and protection center detected and handled around 1. 4 billion “anomalies” from August 2021 to prevent potential hacking, according to the report.

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In July, Taiwan’s police launched analysis once the road messaging app rumored abnormal account sports to the government.

Local media said the hacked accounts belonged to “high ranking officials” in numerous government branches.

Last year, the Taiwanese government declared Chinese hackers infiltrated a minimum of 10 Taiwan authority agencies and got access to around 6,000 email accounts in an attempt to steal data.

Source-CTV News

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