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While tracking Earth’s orbit around Sun, Astronomers identify the moon’s small chunk

A small chunk of the moon seems to be tracking the Earth’s orbit around the Sun, as per astronomers.
Although relatively very little known till now, the asteroid, which is called Kamo`oalewa, was discovered in 2016. It could be a fraction of the moon, that was thrown into space by a collision many years ago.

One of Earth’s quasi-satellites, Kamo`oalewa belongs to a category of asteroids that orbits the Sun. It also remains relatively close to the earth, 9m miles away in this case.

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It has the size of a Ferris wheel. it’s also about 4m times fainter than the faintest star, which can be seen with the eye.

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So, to make its clear observations, powerful telescopes are required. Astronomers have found that the spectrum of reflected light from Kamo`oalewa gets closely matched with lunar rocks from Apollo missions of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. It is seen that it originated from the moon. The astronomers were ready to determine it with the help of a large binocular telescope on Mount Graham in southern Arizona.

The findings of the study were seen in the ‘Nature Communications Earth’ book.

Source-CTV News

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