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In this holiday season, Food for Fines is ready to return to Whitehorse

The City of Whitehorse is already going in the vacation spirit.

At Whitehorse city council’s November. 8 conference, bylaw manager Doug Spencer brought ahead a recommendation council to approve the annual Food for Fines program.

“In the spirit of helping to those citizens who are less lucky, and an affirmation of holiday season goodwill and community spirit, bylaw services is given permission to continue its initiative in December 2021 noting the program has always been a holiday tradition for many years.

Under the initiative, the city sets aside per week where residents issued fines for expired parking meters or for parking beyond 2 hours in a two-hour zone will pay for their tickets in the form of a donation.

The donation is often non-perishable food product or money — at the same price owed for the price ticket — to be split between the Whitehorse food bank and Kaushee’s Place women’s shelter.

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In 2020, Food for Fines raised a total of $8,995 in cash and food donations for the organizations, striking the previous year’s total of $6,535.

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Between 540 and 600 parking tickets are usually issued weekly at $10 or $25 per ticket, with a fine at $10 if paid within a day, or $25 thereafter that might be between $5,400 and $15,000 for a one-week period.

The 2021 plans may see parking tickets issued between December. 4 and 11 to eligible for donations with the clearance set for Dec. 15.

“This can allow ample time for bylaw services to confirm delivery of the donated food to the two identified local charities and then distribute the food items to those families in need before December. 25, 2021,” Spencer said.

Council can vote in November. 15 on whether to approve or not the program for 2021.

Source-CTV News

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